The Cathar country in the Aude

All you can do, everything you can see.




Saissac, down of the Black Mountain


Saissac, charming village of 1000 inhabitants, with its magnificent castle Cathar, situated on the flanks of the Black Mountain , the exceptional view over the Pyrenees and the plain Aude, welcomes you for a pleasant holiday stay in family.

Located at 20 km from Carcassonne and Castelnaudary, this is the perfect place if you are looking for rest, conviviality, relaxation or outdoor activities.

The peaceful and well-being atmosphere of our region should meet all your aspirations.

Let yourself be seduced by the Cathar Country !


The castle of Saissac on the Black Mountain near Cracassonne

Saissac Castle

One of the largest in the region. Its construction dates from the tenth century and reconstruction of the late thirteenth, early fourteenth including: the dungeon, quadrangular towers and curtains.

La Porte d’Autan of the Black Mountain

La Porte d’Autan is unique. Dating from the XIII century, it’s decorated with three coats of arms :
• Family Thurey 1234
• Community Saissac 1303
• Family the Isle Jourdain 1340

La porte d'autan du village de Saissac sur la montagne Noire porche de Carcassonne

The Pyrenees and the plain of Lauragais.

Neighboring sometimes unsuspected, the Pyrenees you will be surprised to appear in front of you.

The campsite allows you to see the Pyrenees and the plain of Lauraguais.
A sea of clouds over the Pyrenees and the plain of Lauraguais
Sunset on the Pyrenees and the plain of Aude
Sunset on the Pyrenees and the plain of Aude

A Part of Dream

Some days you’ll find yourself dreaming that the sun shines for you. The altitude of Saissac, instead often well above a sea of clouds that bathes the valley. The dream becomes reality …


St Ferréol lake is an artificial lake located in the heart of the Black Montains. It is powered by The Rigole (The Channel) which collects the waters from the Laudot and the Sor by the tunnel “Breakthrough Cammazes” which extends over 120m.