Your family Campsite LA PORTE D’AUTAN to Saissac, in OCCITANIE has the great privilege to be situated in a wine-producing region.

And the merger of both regions Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon gave birth to the biggest wine-producing region of the world.

Cultivated for more than 2000 years, the vineyard is the first component of the landscape audois. It is also, for the XVIIth century, the main economic resource.

Today, we are going to be interested in a wine produced in High Valley of the Aude the Blanquette of Limoux which is a sparkling wine, protected by an AOC (PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN).

The Cradle of the Blanquette of Limoux

In 1531, in cellars Saint Hilaire’s abbey, in the Aude, monks made some white wine tranquil. Then a beautiful day, a monk discovered that the wine, that it had bottled and carefully corked of cork, formed bubbles as if it began a new fermentation. There are bubbles in the wine of Limoux! It is so the first brut of the world was born. He was born from this chance and from this vineyard.

In 1688, Dom Pérignon, a famous monk of Champagne, thus would have come in “internship” to Saint Hilaire’s abbey, in the Aude and thus would have left in his native region and would have developed his famous Champagne, also wine with natural foam, which you know now.


The Story of the Maison GUINOT, to Limoux in the Aude

In 1875, Gédéon GUINOT, initially a Herbalist, Liquor and Wine maker, develops the Blanquette de Limoux and creates Maison GUINOT. It is the first to use the “Method Champenoise” manually turning the bottles and disgorging manually to eliminate the natural sediments in the bottles.

In 1889, Inauguration of the Eiffel Tower, at the World Exhibition in Paris, where the Maison GUINOT participates and gets the Gold Medal for its Blanquette de Limoux.

In 1909, Maison GUINOT now exports its wines to Tsar Nicolas II of Russia.


The Maison GUINOT Today


Firm from father to son, the Maison GUINOT is, at present, managed by the sixth generation RANCOULE-GUINOT.

They produce Sparkling wines AOC of Limoux, in the Aude (method identical to the Champagne) and formulators of Blanquette and Crémant of Limoux since 1875.

The family production at GUINOT remains the benchmark of quality for its Blanquette, Cremant (1st Cremant de Limoux in 1913), remains quasi- confidential, so they prefer:

– Direct Sales, for shipment to your home: no packages to carry, a warranty of “good delivery” insured, guaranteed “quality “money back guarantee. A simple, fast and efficient all your desires.

– Restaurants: many professionals trust us to offer their customers our best vintages. Direct delivery.

– Export Trade: they are present in several European countries (Italy, Belgium, Germany …) and on other continents (USA, Hong Kong, China …).


Method of Preparation

Since 1875, Maison GUINOT has been vinifying Blanquette and Crémant de Limoux using the “Méthode Traditionnelle”.

When the grapes are ready, generally in September, they are picked by hand In Occitanie, in the High Valley of the Aude. Mauzac grapes, Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc are immediately pressed separately.

The juice obtained is then naturally fermented in vats and turns into alcoholic white wine (approximately 11% volume). In January following the harvest, the wines are blended with other years and bottled (to obtain perfectly balanced blends).

The composition varies depending on blends and appellations, always following the same basic Blanquette (90% Mauzac minimum) and Crémant (60% Chardonnay + Chenin Blanc + Mauzac).


At harvest time natural yeasts then begin their work : they transform the remaining sugar into alcohol and CO2. The birth of the bubble is very aromatic during this second fermentation. The bottles will age while lying for 2 to 5 years, depending on the blend, for better flavor and taste.

After this rest period, the bottles are turned by hand (remuage) on special racks in their cellars to facilitate the extraction of natural deposits (minerals, yeast …) that accumulate in the temporary cap.

They are the only producer in Limoux, in the Aude, practicing manual “remuage” which characterizes all the quality and tradition of their winemaking.

More than 30,000 bottles are turned every morning ! 30 days of turning the bottle a ¼ turn per day is necessary to concentrate the deposits in the neck of the bottle.

Finally, the “dégorgement” expels the deposits by a semin-manual system used uniquely by them in Limoux, in the Aude, maintaining the quality of their wines. A very attractive label is then applied which represents the expertise and attention that they have made in the creation of their wines.

Wine Variety

At the Maison GUINOT situated to Limoux in the Aude, you will find 3 product family :

• Blanquette : 90% Mauzac + 10% Chardonnay

• Crémant : 60% Chardonnay + 30% Chenin + 10% Mauzac

• Vins Tranquilles : Rosé, Rouge, Blanc.





The Concept « Bubles & Lights »

In full development wine tourism, the Maison GUINOT created ” Bubbles and Lights ” in 2015.

Within their hundred-year-old cellars and within their workspace, the Maison GUINOT fitted out more technical and modern elements, show business with lighting effects, son et lumière while remaining very attached to the transmission of their know-how which they communicate by accompanying the visitors in their discovery of our wines with bubbles.



The Workshop Of The Bubble


Creation of the Workshop of Bubbles – learning to the wine-making techniques, of tasting, assembly and to discover the agreements dishes and wines.

Now, you know everything of the Maison GUINOT based to Limoux in the Aude.

In 2018: they will become partner of the campsite LA PORTE D’AUTAN to Saissac. You will benefit from reduction to go to visit the cellar but you will also can during the welcome drink (in July and August only), to savour the famous Blanquette of Limoux.

See you soon for great holidays in our magnificent region of Occitanie.