The nature is beautiful so take care of her

Our lovely small family campsite La Porte d’Autan has just become Refuge of the League of Protection of Birds.

What is that ?

LPO France and its network of Local Associations and Groups develop a program of biodiversity conservation and discovery of the nature of closeness called “My establishment is a Refuge LPO”.

This naming is a label emphasizing spaces which protect and develop the biodiversity while offering to the man a quality of life.


By creating a Refuge LPO, the campsite La Porte d’Autan commits to protect the nature, to improve the biodiversity on my Refuge and to respect the following principles:

1 : Create conditions convenient to the wild installation of the flora and fauna.By protecting birds and nature by watching the tranquillity of places. By diversifying and by fitting out, according to the surface of my Refuge, circles favorable to the fauna and to the flora savages. By favoring the plantation of varieties which grow naturally in my region. By favoring the plantation of varieties which grow naturally in my region.

2 : Give up chemicals productsBy adopting a mode of ecological management of my Refuge and by preferring the manual techniques of weeding or organic products.

By preferring natural fertilizers (compost, manure of stinging nettle, etc.)
3 : Reduce the impact on the environment. By adopting eco-citizenship, in particular by using reasonably natural resources as water and by recycling my household waste.

4 : To make of the Refuge LPO ” My establishment is a Refuge ” a space without hunting for the biodiversity

See you soon then, in your campsite for natural holidays.